Destruction of Data Carriers

The destruction of data carriers is a very sensitive sector. E.R.N. proceeds in accordance with a specified method and thus makes sure that the destroyed data cannot be reproduced, and the data carriers cannot be passed on to third parties. All data carriers accepted for destruction are brought to a material or thermal disposal.

The destruction of data carriers applies to hard disks, drives, data tapes, floppy disks and other electronic data carriers. All of these data carriers are shredded after receipt, and any transfer to metal or plastics recyclers takes place in dismantled condition exclusively.

During each disassembly, the individual work steps are documented. The dismantling reports can be inspected by our customers at any time.

Customs Destruction

Due to our long-standing, trustful cooperation with the Hamburg customs authorities, E.R.N. destroys a variety of fractions in the scope of customs destruction. We can shred any type of material which contains metallic components, and exclude any reutilisation or further usage of these materials. A thorough documentation is, of course, part of this responsible task.

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Destruction of Data Carriers