Utilisation of Old Cables

Our mechanical cable dismantling facilities can process all types of cables. The copper content is separated from the remaining metals and synthetic materials through an unheated dismantling process. This procedure is carried out by cutting mills, Fe-separation by magnets, and by air classification. Thus we regain high grade copper granulates which can be used without further preparation for copper smelters. The utilisation of old cables preserves the natural copper resources of the Earth.

The synthetic insulation materials and cable sheathing accumulated during cable dismantling are processed by partner enterprises and converted to secondary products such as lawn grid plates, park benches and beacon feet. The cable dismantling procedure is approved according to the Federal Immission Control Act.

Acquisition of Cables

We are interested in all kinds of copper cables, underground cables, copper/plumb cables and aluminium cables. We buy at the current daily price. We also perform cable dismantling on commission.

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Mechanical Cable Dismantling